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Using Passfort

View an associate's path to company ownership

You can view an associate's path to company ownership through the Assess company ownership task, where this is available from your data provider. Currently, only Moody's Analytics Orbis can retrieve the path to ownership data for the Assess company ownership task.

The task shows the path to ownership of the onboarded company through the intervening entities from controlling shareholders, beneficial owners, and global ultimate owners. The associate roles are mapped from your data provider.

Assess company ownership task showing the path to the onboarding company from the global ultimate owner.

Each associate record includes its distance from the onboarded company and share percentage where these are available.

  • The Distance sums the number of links on the direct path between the onboarded company and the associate.

  • The Share (%) shows the total calculated share percentage owned by the associate in the onboarded company through the computed path.

  • A double dash (--) next to Path means that the data provider has returned no path.

    Section of the Assess company ownership page with double dash next to Path. This indicates no path to ownership has been returned by your data provider.


Only one linear path from the associate to the onboarded company is displayed. This path is determined by your data provider. If there are multiple paths, Moody's Analytics Orbis returns the longest path.

Associates found through this task can be added manually or automatically to the onboarded company verification list. To learn more about this process, see Add, review, and approve company associates.