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Using Passfort

Configuring Moody's Analytics Orbis

How it works

This is the default behavior for a variant of the Company data check with Moody's Analytics Orbis as the data provider.

This check is performed by sending the company's name, country of incorporation, and company number or Bureau van Dijk Orbis ID number, also known as the bvd_id, to Moody's Analytics and requesting a report.

The check passes when all of the following are true:

  • The company name is found in the registry.

  • The company status in the registry is active.

  • The country of incorporation from the profile matches the data in the registry.

  • The company number from the profile matches the data in the registry.

When the check passes, the basic company information is imported into the check results. The company information imported into Passfort is displayed differently for each task. See the description of the Company data check for more information. If multiple results are discovered for the same company, they're ordered by the best match for the name, as determined by Moody's Analytics Orbis.

Additionally, when the check passes, a link called Source data is displayed which takes you to the company results in Moody's Analytics Orbis. You'll need to log in with your Moody's Analytics Orbis username and password to view the results.

The check returns a partial match when the company name is found in the registry but one of the following is true:

  • Any of the required profile data is missing.

  • Any of the profile data does not match.

  • The company status is inactive.

  • The company status is unknown.

When the check returns a partial match, the basic company information and Source data link are displayed.

The check fails if the company name or company number can't be found.

An error is displayed when the company's country of incorporation isn't covered by your Moody's Analytics agreement.

Contact your Moody's Analytics account manager to learn what countries your agreement covers.

This check cannot be used to monitor financial data.

When the results are displayed on the Verify company details task, the Nature of business shows any of the following codes that apply: SIC (US SIC), NACE (NACE Rev. 2) and/or NAICS (NAICS 2017). Note that the UK SIC code is not displayed. Moody's Analytics maps the NACE code into the UK SIC code and recommends using NACE because it has international coverage.

Moody's Analytics Orbis registry data associate categories

In Moody's Analytics Orbis registry data, associates are organized into categories and subcategories. Passfort uses these categories to filter associates and return those that are relevant.

Associates displayed in the Identify officers task are taken from the following subcategories under Boards and Committees:

  • Board of Directors

  • Executive Board

  • Supervisory Board

  • Advisory Board

The Assess company ownership task assigns associates with the roles provided by Moody's Analytics Orbis, using the following custom rules:

  • Beneficial owners are defined based on their distance from the onboarding company:

    • At the first level, individuals with a 10% minimum shareholding in the onboarding company are considered beneficial owners. Companies must have a 10% minimum shareholding to be considered on a path to beneficial owners.

    • Individuals must have a minimum 50.01% shareholding at further levels to be beneficial owners. Companies must have a minimum 50.01% shareholding to be considered on a path to beneficial owners.

    • Individuals at the top of a path to beneficial owners are considered beneficial owners if they have a minimum of 10% or an unknown shareholding.

  • An entity is considered the global ultimate owner if it has a minimum 50.01% shareholding on its path from the onboarding company and has no identified shareholders or if its shareholder's percentages are unknown.

Configuration options

You can use the following configuration option:

  • Include Senior Management in results: When this option is selected, the results include associates from the Moody's Analytics Orbis Senior Management category in addition to the following categories: Board of Directors, Executive Board, Supervisory Board, Advisory Board. Senior managers are displayed in Passfort as Directors.

Any new results are updated and displayed in Passfort once per week.

When new/updated data is discovered, a new task version is created for the relevant task, and the old task version expires. The check results are displayed in full on the new version.

This check is used on the Assess company ownership, Assess financials, Identify officers, and Identify shareholders tasks, which include configuration options to control how the officers and shareholders returned by Moody's Analytics Orbis are verified. Learn more about task configuration options.

What we'll need

Let us know that you'd like to add a variant of the Company data check with Moody's Analytics Orbis and we'll set it up.

We'll also need your Moody's Analytics Orbis secret key. For help getting your secret key, please speak to your Moody's Analytics Orbis account manager.

Additionally, we recommend that you contact your Moody's Analytics Orbis account manager and request that they raise the number of concurrent sessions that can be used by your account to 25 sessions. This enables search to work properly in Passfort, meaning that when you create a new profile via the Passfort portal, you can find companies by typing a company name or number into the search box provided.

If the number of concurrent sessions is not raised, you may see an error message when you type the company name or number into the search box that's displayed when you create a new profile via the Passfort portal. You will still be able to find a company by pasting a full name or number into the search box. Ongoing monitoring is tied to your Moody's Analytics Orbis account. If you switch accounts, ongoing monitoring for existing profiles will be stopped because the connection between Passfort and your Moody's Analytics Orbis account will be broken. To restart ongoing monitoring, re-run the Company data check on your profiles.

Testing your configuration

We're currently building the tests for this variant.

Profile fields

These are the profile details searched in the Moody's Analytics Orbis sources:



Country of incorporation 



The country in which the company is incorporated.

Company name 



If not included, a Partial match is returned

The legal name of the company.

Company number 



The company’s bvd_id, which is a unique number issued by Moody's Analytics, or any other number included in the Moody's Analytics Orbis database, like a tax ID number or a trade registration number.

State of incorporation 



The state, province, or territory of the address.

The format follows the state code of the ISO-3166-2 standard.

Note that a UK county should not go here.