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Using Passfort


Passfort terms

Application flag

The application flag indicates what's currently happening to the product application or what needs to be done for the product application to progress to the next status.

Application status

The application status indicates what phase the product application has reached in the onboarding and monitoring process.

Beneficial owner

One or more individuals who own or control a corporate entity.


The automated processes that can be used to complete or assist in passing tasks.

Controlling shareholder

A significant shareholder identified in the path between the onboarded company and its ultimate owner.

Conversion rate

The percentage of product applications created that have been approved.

Data provider

The third-party service used to run checks, for example, Experian, Companies House, or Onfido.


The number of entities between the associate and the onboarded company.

Global ultimate owner (GUO)

The entity with ultimate ownership of the onboarded company.

Legal entity identifier (LEI)

A legal entity identifier is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code that is used to identify legal entities participating in financial transactions, supported by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).


The process of determining whether a profile is approved to use your products.

Politically exposed persons (PEPs)

A politically exposed person is someone who is at a higher risk of bribery or corruption because they may hold a public or high-profile position. This term may also apply to someone affiliated with a high-profile person. Regulated industries must identify PEPs when onboarding.

Product application

The process of onboarding profiles to products. A profile may be going through multiple product applications at the same time.


The applicants and customers currently going through your onboarding processes. One profile is created per applicant or customer.

There are two profile types: individual profiles, which are used for people, and company profiles, which are used for companies.

Risk level

A label assigned to a product application based on its total risk score. The risk level can be high, medium, or low.


An individual or entity that owns shares in the onboarded company.


The due diligence measures that must be taken to onboard a profile successfully. Tasks are displayed on the profile’s product application.

Taxpayer identification number (TIN)

A unique identifier assigned to an individual or entity used to identify an individual or entity in order to administer tax laws of a particular jurisdiction.


The people who have access to your Passfort account. These are typically the people you work with.