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Merchant fraud check


The Merchant fraud check is used by the Assess merchant fraud risk task to learn whether a company or its associates may have fraudulent merchant accounts.

The check provides a list of any merchant accounts on the data provider's Terminated Merchant Files (TMF) database that may belong to the company and up to five of its individual associates.

Merchant fraud check results

The possible results of the check are Completed when there are no potential matches and Unresolved events when there is at least one potential match.

The check result details display three lists:

  • Potential matches: Any potential matches from the TMF. You can choose to ignore or confirm any match on this list.

  • Ignored matches: Any matches from the TMF you have chosen to ignore.

  • Previous inquiries: Any matches that have been searched recently by other members of the TMF network. Note that these matches were not reported and did not have their accounts terminated. It is not possible to confirm or ignore them, and no action is required to progress the product application; these matches will not cause the check result to be Unresolved events.

Select the name of any match to see a detailed portfolio that provides all available information from the data provider about the match's company data, associate data, and the reason the merchant is on the list. For potential and ignored matches, the reason the match's account was terminated and the contact details of the merchant that filed the report are also displayed.

If there are no potential matches, the check results display a message that says, "There are no potential matches to investigate."

Ongoing monitoring

Once the check is run, the company and its associates are monitored for 360 days to see if any new matches have been discovered.

If a new match is discovered, the task is marked as incomplete.

The new match is displayed in the Potential matches list, where you can confirm or ignore it.

If you reject or cancel an application, the Assess merchant fraud risk task expires automatically and any ongoing monitoring is stopped.

If you revert the decision, ongoing monitoring will only restart automatically if the check is configured as an automatic check for the task.

If it's not an automatic check, you can restart monitoring by manually running the Merchant fraud check again. Passfort checks Mastercard MATCH once per day for new results. Monitoring is only run for the latest check results.

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