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To add new users, you must have Read and Write access for the Manage users permission. If you can’t see the Users section or add users and you think you should, contact the administrator of your account.
If you have SSO enabled, but you would like the user to have a regular login experience without SSO, follow the steps below. If you would like the user to have an SSO login experience, see To add an SSO user.
  1. Go to User Management > Users.
  2. Click New user. The Add new user page is displayed.
  3. Add the user’s name to the Name field.
  4. Add the user’s email address to the Email address field.
  5. To use an automatically generated password, leave the Generate password automatically option selected.

    To set the password manually, deselect this option and type the password into the Password field that's displayed. Passwords must be at least 12 characters long and avoid common patterns (e.g. "1234"). To make the password more secure, include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

    If you’re setting the password manually, copy the password now so you can send it to the user in step 8.
Automatically generated passwords are displayed at the end of the process, after clicking the Add new user button.
  1. To assign one or more user roles, type the role names into the User roles field. User roles determine what the user can see and do in PassFort. You can choose any of the roles in the Roles section.
It’s recommended that at least one user role is assigned to the user. If no user roles are assigned, the user will not see any area of the product after logging in.
If a user is a member of any teams, they may have team roles in addition to their user roles. These are displayed in the user's Team roles field and can be edited from the Teams section. When you first create a user, the Team roles field is always blank because the user is not a member of any teams.
  1. Click Add new user. The user is added to your account

    If the Generate password option is selected, the password is generated and displayed. Copy the password and send it to the user.
PassFort does not send the password to the user automatically. If you don’t have the user’s password to send it, you can reset the user’s password.

To add an SSO user

If you want a new user to have SSO enabled, instead of following the steps above, ask the user to follow these steps:

  1. Go to PassFort's login page.
  2. Click Use Single Sign On (SSO).
  3. Enter their email address.
  4. Enter their password. 

When the user first logs in, they'll be able to access the areas of your account according to their roles. 

If you have not set up a link between your identity provider groups and PassFort team, the user will not be able to access any area of your account until you assign roles manually. 

Learn more about roles for SSO users.

Users can only sign in with SSO when you've purchased SSO as an optional feature. To learn more, contact your account manager. 

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