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View notifications

To view notifications that you have set in Passfort:

  1. Select the notifications icon Notifications bell icon to view your current notifications in Passfort.

    New notifications are highlighted by a Notifications bell icon with overlaid circle indicating new notifications circle over the icon.

  2. Notifications are shown in an expanded pane. Your most recent notifications are displayed first.

  3. Select a notification to mark it as read, and to navigate to the appropriate screen in Passfort.

    • Selecting a notification about a customer profile opens the related profile in Passfort.

    • Selecting a credit warning notification opens your account balance screen, so you can top up your account.


      We have deprecated the ability to use Passfort credit. Contact our support team for more information.

    • Selecting a notification telling you a report you requested is ready for download downloads a local copy of the report.

  4. Select the read indicator icon next to a notification to toggle the notification status between read/unread.

    Notification message highlighting the read indicator toggle option
  5. To see older notifications, select View all notifications. This opens the All notifications screen. All notifications that have been sent to you in Passfort and by email in the last six months appear here.

    Section of the notifications pane with cursor over the View all notifications link

    You can also access the All notifications screen from the Manage account Manage account icon menu and selecting Notifications.

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