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View Grid match results by batch

Processing status and initial screening match alerts for all batches submitted through the Grid web interface, secure file transfer (SFTP), API web services, and portfolio monitoring can be viewed at the individual inquiry or batch level. 

View status by batch results

To view the current status and initial match results for an entire batch:

  1. Go to Grid > Review > Results > Status By Batch.

  2. Scroll through the results list or enter search criteria to filter and view the current results for your batch.


    To view match results submitted more than a week ago, you must clear the default start date and set it to the desired date.

  3. Select Request Report in the Report column to generate a downloadable zip file containing all status and alert reports associated with the chosen batch group. See also View a Grid batch summary report.

  4. Select a Batch ID to display the Inquiries in Batch screen.

    From this screen, you can view a batch summary and match alert details for each inquiry associated with the chosen batch group. You can also:

    • Download and view batch summary reports for the selected batch group.

    • View status for all inquiries associated with the batch group.

    • Download and view match alert detail reports for each inquiry within the batch group.

    Grid Results Status By Batch

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