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Welcome to Grid! The information on this site helps you conduct effective screening and ongoing risk monitoring using our solutions and services.

Our topics are divided into three categories:

  • How-to guides

    How-to guides serve as guidance when you have a clear task at hand and already possess a working knowledge of Grid. These guides are not intended to educate or provide a learning experience but rather to provide step-by-step guidance to accomplish specific tasks. You can expect detailed, sequential instructions that leverage your existing competence and familiarity with our system.

  • Concepts

    Concepts provide a deeper understanding of Grid. They take you beyond basic operational knowledge by discussing and clarifying the topic at hand. If you want to learn more about something rather than how to do it, concepts can help you.

  • Reference

    Reference topics provide factual information necessary for the practical operation of Grid, offering specifications, descriptions, and implementation details. It is independent of practical steps or explanations, focusing instead on presenting accurate, comprehensive information of Grid's structure and architecture for easy mapping and understanding.