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Edit an associate's roles and share percentage

When an associate is on the verification list, you can edit their role, share percentage, and distance directly from the verification list for the Identify shareholders and Assess company ownership tasks.

To add to or modify an associate's role or share percentage:

  1. On the Shareholders verification list, use the Edit button Pencil icon_no border next to the shareholder you’d like to edit. The Edit roles dialog is displayed.

  2. To add an additional role, select Add associate role.

    Remove a role by selecting Remove role.

    Edit roles dialog for an associate.
  3. Edit the total share percentage owned by the associate in the Share (%) field.

  4. Select Save to update the roles and share percentages for the associate.

If the share percentage is --, it means the data provider was unable to provide the information. Learn when shareholders with no known percentage are added to the verification list automatically.

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