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Using PassFort

Cancel a request for information

If a request for information, or a form, is no longer needed, you can cancel the request through the portal. You can cancel tasks that are part of a registration flow, or you can cancel a request that originates from a specific task. Canceling an open customer request can help you to process applications more efficiently if the form is no longer required or has been completed. Request for information cancelations can be completed while reviewing the task itself or from the Customer communications tab.

For instructions on deleting a form from a task, see Requesting information from customers.

To cancel an open customer request:

  1. Navigate to the Customer communications tab under Profile Management, or to the task with the form that you want to cancel.

    Customer communication profile menu option
  2. Check the boxes of the open requests that you want to cancel.

    Alternatively, check the box next to Request form to select all the forms in the table.

    To see more information about the form in the related task, select a link under Task.

  3. Select the Cancel customer requests button.

    The Cancel selected customer request dialog appears.

  4. Enter the reason for canceling the request(s) and then select the Cancel requests button.

After the request is completed, the request status icon is updated and the application flag will change to Waiting for customer.

Additionally, an audit item will be created:

  • For each request that is canceled.

  • When all the forms from the open customer request have been completed.