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Request information from a customer

Use the Request from customer button to send an email request to the customer and ask them to complete one or more forms.

Forms can be used to:

  • Collect information about the customer.

  • Collect a document to run a check.

To request information from a customer:

  1. Go to a task that has a Request from customer button. The presence of the button means at least one form associated with that task can be added to the request.

  2. To add the form to the request, select Request from customer.

    Section of the Verify identity task page showing the Request from customer button.

    A Send request (n) button is displayed with the profile name.

  3. If you would like to send forms associated with more tasks, go to those tasks and select Request from customer.

  4. Select the Send request (n) button in the task.

    The Configure and send request dialog is displayed, showing your document requests. Although you don’t need to take any action, if you are sending more than one of the same form, a warning appears that tells you which form is duplicated.

    Configure and send request dialog showing a warning that a form has been duplicated in the request.

    Only one request email can be sent to the customer at a time, so it's a good idea to ensure the request you're sending now includes all the forms you plan to ask for.

    To remove a form from the request, select Remove. To add more forms, select Close, then go to the relevant tasks and select Send request again.

  5. If the profile has an email address in their Profile data, it's displayed in Recipient email address. If there's no recipient email address, add one.

  6. Optionally, edit the email text shown in the Edit default email body field.

    The email subject line, title, and sender address are also determined by your configuration. Contact our Client Service team at to learn more.

  7. Select the Send request button. The following happens:

    • The customer receives an email with a link to take them to the webpage where they can complete the forms.

    • The profile's Audit log is updated with a new Forms item to show the request has been sent.

    • The profile's application status becomes Waiting for customer.

After the customer adds their information, it's imported directly to the task. If the information is a document for a check, the check is run automatically.

After creating the request for information, you can set up email reminders at a specified frequency so that customer is notified of their outstanding request for information.


Customer requests can only be sent from an incomplete task. Once a task has passed or failed, the Request from customer button is disabled.

Send a new customer request

If the link in the request email has expired or if the form request has been canceled, you can send a new customer request by selecting the Request from customer button again.

It isn't possible to send new customer requests when there are any form requests outstanding. If you would like to send a new customer request, locate the tasks with outstanding requests and cancel all the other requests.

You can also check the profile's Audit report to see which customer requests have been sent. Requests are logged as Forms items.

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