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About reports

Reports give you key business metrics to analyze your onboarding and monitoring processes.

When you open a report, a graph and a table are displayed. They show different views of the same data.

The dates on the graph's timeline show the first Monday of each week, aside from the exceptions described in Data displayed in reports, where data begins or ends midweek.

You can copy and save or share the URL of a report. Any selected date range and/or filter criteria or groups that were applied before copying the URL are applied when the URL is followed.

Data displayed in reports

There are a few important things to note about the data in reports:

  • Most report data is available from 1 September 2018 onward.

    Data for Risk level (at first decision) is only available from 19 September 2019 onward. Data for Straight through processing (STP) is only available from 24 July 2019 onward.

  • The data for your account is refreshed on a daily basis. If the date range for the report includes today, you may see some data for the previous day. For example, new product applications may have been created, or product application statuses may have changed since the data was refreshed.

  • The graph and table start with the first week in the date range with data and end with the last week in the date range with data. For example, if you're looking at the Time to decision report and you select a date range that starts with the first week of January and ends with the last week of December but product applications were only decided between April 1st and April 30th, the timeline for the graph starts with 1 Apr and ends with 30 Apr.

  • Options in the Plot on graph drop-down determine which lines are plotted on the graph and differ depending on the report. To learn more, see Application reports, Task reports, Check reports, and the Audit metrics report.

    Changing the plot lines on the graph does not affect the data in the table.

Additional information