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Using Passfort

Passfort API versions

The most recent Passfort API version is 4.0

Passfort's APIs use URI versioning, so you should add the version number to the request URI.

For example, this is the request URI for the Profiles resource:

Backward compatible changes

Passfort will not release a new API version for changes that are backward compatible.

These changes aren’t typically announced in advance, and they can be released at any time, so your integration should be able to handle the presence of unexpected fields.

Some examples of backward-compatible changes are:

  • Adding new endpoints.

  • Adding optional parameters to an existing endpoint.

  • Adding new properties to an existing data type (e.g. adding variants for enums).

  • Adding a new data type.

  • Reordering properties in a data type.

Breaking changes

In the case of breaking changes, Passfort will release a new API version.

To get a notification whenever a new API version is available, subscribe to our feature updates.

We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of new and improved features, but the old API versions will remain active to support backward compatibility.

Some examples of breaking changes are:

  • Removing any part of an API.

  • Changing the format of the response data for calls.

  • Changing the data types returned in the response, for example, changing a string to an integer.