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Configuring Mitek

Mitek is a data provider you can use to run the ID verification (Passfort collects documents) check.

How it works

This is the default behavior for a variant of the ID verification (Passfort collects documents) check with Mitek as the data provider. We support Mitek’s Mobile Verify- Auto product.

You can upload 1 of the following documents for an individual to Mitek:

  • Driving License

  • Passport

  • State ID

  • Residence ID

  • Unknown. You can select Unknown if the document type is not known, Mitek will perform a check to determine the type of documentation provided.

The document size limit is 5MB. The following file types are accepted: JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC.

Mitek checks for signs of forgery and extracts the following information from the documents:

  • Address

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Gender

  • Document number

  • Date of expiry

  • Date of issue

  • Issuing country

  • MRZ

You are required to submit documents via our portal or the API and then instruct the check. This is compatible with Mitek’s SDK. Contact Mitek to learn more.

Passfort cross-references the extracted data provided by Mitek with the details recorded in the individual’s profile, such as name, date of birth, nationality, and gender. If the check was run with PROOF_OF_ADDRESS as the document category, the address is also cross-referenced.

Passfort imports an image of the documents to the task on the profile.

The check passes when all three criteria are met:

  • The document details obtained from Mitek match the details in the profile.

  • Mitek confirms the document is authentic.

  • Mitek confirms that the selfie check has passed.

If the individual’s details do not match the data in Mitek’s sources, the check fails.

Because cross-referencing the individual’s details is an action performed in Passfort and not in Mitek, it’s possible for the check to pass in Mitek but fail in Passfort.

To get step-by-step instructions for running this check, see Verify a document.

Configuration options

The following configuration options are available:

  • API environment: Choose the API environment you want to use. This will be either production or a sandbox environment.

  • API region: Choose the API region you want to use. If you selected the direct agreement option, you need to use a different group of credentials for each region. Contact Mitek about setting up a direct agreement.

  • Biometric verification: Add a biometric verification to the check. If you select this option, you need to send a selfie for each verification.

    • If this option is selected and a selfie is not sent, the check will error.

    • If this option is not selected and a selfie is sent, the check will error.

What we'll need

Let us know that you’d like to add a variant of the ID verification (Passfort collects documents) check with Mitek and which configuration options you'd like to use. We’ll set it up for you.

If you have a direct agreement, we’ll also need to know your Mitek client identifier and secret. This information is provided by Mitek.

Testing your configuration

Once the check variant is configured, follow these steps in your demo environment to test whether it's working as expected.

To get a PASSED result, check that the ID is authentic and the document details in the demo environment match the profile details.

Create an individual profile with these details:

  • First name: Alex

  • Surname: Wheeler

  • Date of birth: 01 January 2000

Expected result: DOCUMENT_ALL_PASS

To get a FAILED result, use the example where the DOB entered is different from the details in the demo environment.

Create an individual profile with these details:

  • First name: Ashley

  • Surname: Williams

  • Date of birth: 30 June 1980


Optional profile fields

These are the optional profile details matched with the document details extracted by Mitek:



First name(s)


The individual's first and, if applicable, middle names.



The individual's last name.

Date of birth


The individual's date of birth.



The individual's gender. Leave unset for non-binary genders.



Required when the check was run with PROOF_OF_ADDRESS as the document category; not used when the check was run with PROOF_OF_IDENTITY as the document category

The individual's address history.



The individual’s country of nationality.