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Configuring DueDil

DueDil is a data provider you can use to run these checks:

  • Company ownership check

Company ownership check

How it works

This is the default behavior for a variant of the Company ownership check with DueDil as the data provider.

The check is performed by searching the company’s country of incorporation and registration number in DueDil’s sources to find the company’s shareholders and persons of significant control.

If the company is found and at least one shareholder is discovered, the check passes and the details of the shareholders and persons of significant control are imported into the check results.

If the company is found but no shareholders or persons of significant control can be discovered, the check returns a partial match.

If the company cannot be found, the check fails.

If the company’s country of incorporation isn’t covered by DueDil, an error is displayed.

Configuration options

There are no additional configuration options for the Company ownership check variant with DueDil.

However, this check is used on the Identify owners task, which includes configuration options to control how the shareholders returned by DueDil are verified. Learn more about task configuration options.

What we’ll need

Let us know that you’d like to add a variant of the Company ownership check with DueDil and we’ll set it up.

If you’d like to use any of the configuration options for the Identify owners task, please let us know which ones you’d like to use.

We’ll need your DueDil auth token and we’ll also need to know whether you have access to DueDil’s international data or DueDil’s UK data only. For help getting this information, please speak to your DueDil account manager.

Testing your configuration

Once the check variant is configured, follow these steps in your demo environment to test whether it's working as expected.

  • Are shareholder results returned from DueDil?

    Create any company profile and run the check. If the check passes and data for shareholders is displayed in the check results, the check is working as expected.

In the live environment, an error is displayed when the country of address in the individual’s profile isn’t covered by DueDil. This error is not displayed in the demo environment.

Profile fields

These are the profile details searched in DueDil’s sources:



Country of incorporation



The country in which the company is incorporated.

Company number



The company’s registration number.