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Aliases for products, tasks, and checks

Aliases are used instead of the product ID, task ID, and check ID when you make calls to the API. Every product, task, and check can have an alias but the alias must be unique to your institution. For example, if you use the alias "forexo_basic" for one of your products, then you can't use that same alias for a task, check, or another product.

Aliases are the same in your demo environment and your live environment, so it’s easy to switch between the two environments without updating your code.

We recommend using aliases wherever possible, but if you would like to make your requests using IDs instead, please note that the IDs for your demo environment and live environment are different. When you switch environments, you’ll need to update your code.

Alias locations

All aliases are displayed on the Policy Builder tab.

  • To see a product alias, select Your products and choose the product.

  • To see a task alias, select Tasks and choose the task.

  • To see a check alias, select Check configuration and choose the check.

The alias for the product, task, or check is displayed in the Alias field.

Name and alias fields for a product.

If there is no alias, contact our Client Service team at and we’ll create one for you.

Additional information