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About the Policy Builder

The Policy Builder is where you can manage your smart policies, including adding and editing data providers and checks as well as publishing new policy versions.

This topic refers to the new draft smart policies which are currently in testing with our feedback partners. If you're interested in becoming a feedback partner, get in touch with your Moody's Analytics Sales representative or Relationship Manager.

Get started with the Policy Builder

A smart policy is the combination of data providers and checks that can be used on your account.

Data providers are the third-party services to help you onboard customers, for example, Bureau van Dijk Orbis, Companies House, or Onfido.

Checks are automated processes used to replace manual work that would otherwise be needed to:

  • Get information from data providers, such as gather all company filings from a corporate registry; and/or

  • Perform actions using data providers, such as run an electronic identity check.

When you run a check from Passfort, the profile details are sent to the data provider, which performs the check and returns the result.

Data providers and checks

Before you start building your smart policy, you should take some time to decide which checks you want to run and which data providers you want to use to run them.

To get a list of all the check types and the data providers for each one, see About checks.

Each data provider has its own way of performing checks, which means the available configuration options depend on the data providers you choose. To learn more about the specific behavior of a provider, see its configuration information.

Once you know which ones you want to use, follow the steps in this topic to add your data providers and checks, then review and publish the smart policy.

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