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Mark a task as complete

You can mark a task as complete using the API.

To mark a task as complete:

  1. Find the task ID when you get data about the profile.

    If there is more than one task with the same alias, which happens when a task has more than one version, use the task with "is_expired": "false". Note that the task ID is different to the task variant ID, which will not be used for the request.


    If you're completing a task yourself via the API, you might choose to pass the task when the check result is Pass and fail the task when the check result returns Fail three times.

    Request endpoint:

  2. Complete a task as passed, make a request to the following endpoint and send the task state field as COMPLETED_PASS.

    Alternatively, complete the task as failed and make the same request but send the state field as COMPLETED_FAIL.

    Request endpoint:



    If you've configured your smart policy to mark the task as complete automatically when the check passes, you don't need to mark the task as complete using the API. Contact support to change your smart policy configuration.

    Alternatively, you can leave a task as incomplete and let your users complete it manually.

  3. If needed, approve the profile's product application when all tasks are completed as passed. When a task is completed as failed, you may want to reject the profile's product application.

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