Add or change your payment card

Save a payment card to your account to use it to top up your PassFort credit balance.

One card can be saved at a time. When you save new card details, any old card details are overwritten and future payment is taken from the new card.

This article is about the payment card used for your PassFort credit. For enquiries about your subscription to the PassFort product, please contact us.
To save a new payment card, you need Read and write access for the Billing permission.
You can also save a new card when you Top up your PassFort credit.

Saving a new payment card

  1. Click the manage account icon and select Payment info.
  2. Under Save new card, add the card number, expiry date, and 3-digit security code.
  3. Click Save card. A ‘Card saved successfully’ message is displayed. The card details are displayed under Saved card.
We use Stripe to process payments.

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