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Using Passfort

Logged out of Passfort automatically

To protect your Passfort account and ensure your data remains secure, you'll be logged out of Passfort automatically if your session is inactive for more than 30 minutes.

This helps protect your data if you accidentally leave your account logged in on a public or unlocked computer.


If you have multiple tabs open and you're working in one of them, you'll remain logged in to all of them.

Additionally, you can only access Passfort from one device at a time.

If someone uses your credentials to log in from a different device, the first session is logged out.

If you're logged out unexpectedly, someone else may be attempting to access your account from a different device, and your password may be compromised. You should change your password.


If you're inactive on the login page for 30 minutes, when you try to log in you'll see a message saying you've been idle for too long. Refresh the page and log in.