Webhook status queue is stalled

The webhook status queue is Stalled when webhooks are not sending callbacks as expected.

This can happen when there's an issue with the Endpoint.

When the queue is Stalled, the following information is displayed:

  • Last processed: How long it's been since the last webhook callback was sent.
  • Retry: The next scheduled time a webhook callback will be sent.
  • Stalled: How long the queue has been Stalled.
  • Failed attempts: The number of webhook callbacks that could not be sent.
  • Recent failures: The 10 most recent attempts to send a callback.

To resolve the issue

  1. Confirm the Endpoint matches the endpoint you're using in your integration.
  2. Confirm your endpoint is returning a 200 response.
  3. Click Retry now. PassFort will try to send webhooks immediately.

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