Configuring Geodistance PassFort as a data provider

You can use PassFort to run the Geodistance check.

How it works

This is the default behaviour of a variant of the Geodistance check with PassFort.

The check is performed by sending the latitudes and longitudes of two coordinates to PassFort, which calculates the distance between them and determines if this distance is within the proximity threshold configured for the task.

The check results display the two coordinates and distance between them in miles.

The check passes when the distance is within the threshold.

The check fails when the distance is beyond the threshold.

If the distance cannot be calculated or the coordinates are not valid, an error is displayed.

This check cannot be configured as an automated check.
When you run this check via the API, you have the option to give the two coordinates any names you like (e.g. "Stated address" and "Current location").

Configuration options

Threshold distance (km) (Required): This is the range, in kilometres, that the two coordinates must be within for the check to pass.

What we'll need

Let us know that you'd like to add a variant of the Geo distance check with PassFort, and tell us what the threshold distance should be. We'll set it up for you.

Testing your configuration

Even in your demo environment, this check returns real results.

You will not be charged to run this check, so you can run whichever tests you like.

Required and optional profile fields

No profile fields are used for this check.

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