Validate an address with TRUSTDOCK SnailMail

Use TRUSTDOCK's SnailMail feature to validate Japanese addresses and complete tasks with the Verify address type.

When the request is initiated, TRUSTDOCK mails a verification code to the individual's address. To complete the verification, the individual provides the code to your company.

How it works

The process begins when a profile is created. Your company generates a unique verification code for the profile.

To maintain the authenticity of the verification code, it's not visible in the Portal or in the audit reports. The only way to see it is to get the profile's collected_data via the API.

Next, the customer request is sent (which can be manually or automatically, depending on your configuration). At this point, PassFort asks TRUSTDOCK to mail the verification code to the individual's address.

When your company tells us that they have validated the customer's verification code, the customer request is marked as completed in PassFort and the Verify address task can be passed.

Until your company tells us they have validated the customer's verification code, the Portal continues to display the customer request as outstanding. Portal users can manually cancel or resend the request at any time.

It is possible to complete the task manually without the completed request. If you do, you must cancel the request.

Send the customer request

Your configuration may send the initial request automatically. Contact your PassFort administrator to learn more.

To send the request manually:

  1. Click Request from customer. A Send request button is displayed below the profile's name.
  2. Click Send request. The Configure and send request dialog is displayed.
  3. Confirm that the recipient address is correct. If it is, click Send request. PassFort asks TRUSTDOCK to mail the verification code to the recipient's address.
If the recipient's address is not correct, close the dialog and go to the Profile data section to edit the user's address. Once done, follow the steps to resend the request again.
For the request to be sent correctly, the profile must have a name, address, and verification code. If this information is not in the profile, you'll see an error message on the Verify address task that says Missing required data. You can add the address using the Profile data section. If there's an issue with the name or verification code, speak to a member of your development team.

Cancel or resend the customer request

If the individual has not yet submitted the correct verification code to your company, the Verify address task shows that the request has been sent but not submitted.

While the request is outstanding, you can cancel it or resend it.

Cancel the request

To cancel the request, click Cancel form request. A dialog is displayed asking you to confirm your choice.

Click Cancel form request. The request is cancelled and the Request sent banner is removed from the top of the Verify address task.

Resend the request

To then resend the request:

  1. Follow the steps above to cancel the request.
  2. Follow the steps to send the customer request. A new letter with the verification code is mailed to the recipient's address.

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