Application escalations

Escalations ensure an application can only be approved by specific people.

The escalation process

The escalation process for an application is as follows:

  1. The smart policy escalates the application to one or more teams. The application status becomes Waiting on escalations.
  2. A member of each escalation team provides their approval or rejection.
  3. When all escalation teams have given their approval, the application can be approved manually. If one or more escalation teams have rejected the application, the application can only be rejected, which must be done manually.
A user can only approve one escalation. If two approvals are required from the same escalation team, another member of the team must provide the second approval. Equally, if the same user is a member of multiple escalation teams, the user can only approve the application on behalf of one of the escalation teams.
It is not possible to escalate an application manually; it can only be done via the smart policy.
Escalations can only be configured with the new smart policies.
If you only want one person to be able to approve an application, create a team with just that user and make this the escalation team.

Finding escalated applications

To find applications escalated to a particular team, apply a custom filter with the Escalation requires team option.

If you want to be able to re-apply the custom filter quickly and easily at any time, save the filter.

Reviewing escalated applications

  1. Go to a profile with an application escalated to your team.
  2. Under Product applications, click the name of the application.
  3. Ensure all tasks have been passed. You will be unable to approve the escalation if any tasks are incomplete or failed.
  4. Click the Review application drop-down beneath your team name and select Approve or Reject.
  5. Optionally, leave a comment.
  6. Click Save decision.

When all escalation decisions are Approved, the application can be approved manually.

When any escalation decision is Rejected, the application can only be rejected. This must be done manually.

Applications with escalations cannot be approved automatically by the smart policy.
Unable to click Review application? The Review application button can be grayed out because: 1) You are not a member of that escalation team; 2) You have already made an escalation decision on the application.
Unable to click Approve? The Approve option is grayed out when the profile has not passed all due diligence tasks. All tasks must be passed before the application can be approved.
Why is an escalation team displayed twice? If approval is required from two different people from the same escalation team, the team is listed twice.

Escalations that are no longer required

Sometimes an escalation decision may no longer be required.

For example, take a smart policy that escalates all high risk applications. If an application's risk level is assessed as high risk, then later re-assessed to be low risk, the escalation decision is no longer required.

Any escalation decisions that are not required are displayed under an option called Show no longer required escalations.

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