Approve an application

When you want to indicate that a profile’s application has met the necessary onboarding or review requirements, approve it.

For an application to be approved, the status of every task must be Passed.
Your smart policy may be configured to approve applications automatically. Learn more about automatic application approval.
You can cancel the application later if you need to. Learn more.

To approve an application

  1. Go to the profile.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Locate the application and click Review application.
  4. Click Approve.
If it’s not possible to select Approve, one or more of the application’s tasks are incomplete or failed. All tasks must be passed before the application can be approved.
  1. Optionally, add a comment to explain your decision.
  2. Click Save decision.

The product application is monitored.

The application is displayed under the Monitoring area of the profile’s Application section.

The profile is displayed on the Monitoring tab.

Learn more about monitoring.

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