Reset another user’s password

To reset another user’s password, you need to have Read and write access for the Manage users permission.
If you have single sign-on enabled, see To reset the password of an SSO user.
If you’d like to change your own password, see Change your password.
  1. Go to User Management > Users.
  2. Select the user whose password you’d like to change.
  3. Click Reset password. The Reset user password dialog is displayed with a message asking you to confirm you’d like to continue.
  4. Click Reset password. The new password is automatically generated and displayed.
  5. The user doesn’t receive a notification that their password has been changed, so at this point you should send the user their new password and let them know that they can change it by following the instructions in this article: Reset your password.
  6. Click Close.

To reset the password of an SSO user

Users with SSO enabled have SSO displayed next to their name and do not have a Reset password button.

Use your identity provider to reset the password of an SSO user.

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