Why are some check results "Completed" rather than "Passed"?

Most checks that run successfully display Passed as the result. This typically indicates that the related task can be Passed.

For checks that have a more complex process where it's not clear whether the task should be passed based on the check, the result is displayed as Completed rather than Passed to avoid any confusion.

The following checks display a Completed result:

In the case of the PEPs and sanctions screening, Sanctions and adverse media screening, and Merchant fraud checks, potential matches are returned and it's up to a user to manually decide whether they should be ignored. Additionally, ongoing monitoring can be used for these checks. So even if the check is Completed, additional results may be returned at any point.

In the case of the Charities registry check and Company data check (used for the Identify officers and Identify shareholders tasks), the check result is only an optional element used to pass the task. For the task to pass, the associates must be added to the verification list and then onboarded.

In the case of the Company data check used for the Assess financials task, PassFort retrieves the data but does not validate it. A user should review the data manually before determining whether to pass or fail the task.

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