Add notes and files to profile Conversations

The Conversations section provides a place to communicate with your colleagues about profiles.

You can leave messages, upload files, tag colleagues and teams, and reference other profiles with a link.

To get to the section, go to any profile and click Conversations.

Task notes are not related to profile conversations. If you add files and messages to task notes, they will not be displayed in conversations, and vice versa.

Add a message

Type a message into the text box at the bottom of the Conversations section.

You can tag colleagues or team members in your message, which sends them a notification. To do so, type "@" followed by their name (e.g. "@forexopro") into the message box. When you start typing, names are suggested to you. Select the right name to set the tag.

You can also reference another profile, which provides a hyperlink to the profile. Type "#" followed by the start of the profile name. As with tags, select the suggested name to set the tag.

Hit the Enter key to send the message. Any tagged colleagues or team members will receive a notification.

If you're using tags or referencing, ensure you select the name from the suggested list. Otherwise, the tagged colleague or team members will not receive the notification and the reference profile will not be linked.
If you want to add a file along with your message, write your message in the Add Comment text box (described below) instead of the main message text box.
You can also reference a profile by typing "#" followed by the profile ID. When the message is posted, the ID will turn into the profile name so it's easy to read.

Upload a file

Click the Upload file button. The Upload file dialog is displayed.

To add the file, drag and drop it into the area provided or click Choose file and select the file.

Optionally, you can include a message with the file. Type it into the Add Comment text box. You can tag colleagues and teams (e.g. "@ForexoProTeam") and reference profiles ("#Alex Wheeler"). See the descriptions above for more information.

Click Upload file to add the file and message. Any tagged team members will receive a notification.

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