Importing smart policies

Once you have made changes to a policy, you can export these changes and import the policy to another institution, sharing those changes automatically. 

  • You have Read and write permission for the Policy builder as well access permissions for Policy import and export.
  • You are using policy versioning.

To import a policy:

  1. Navigate to the Policy Builder tab. 
  2. Go to Version history and click Import policy.
  3. Click the Select file button or drag your edited policy into the perforated lines. The packaged content of your policy is shown.
  4. Deselect any changes that you do not want to import. By default, all changes are selected for import.

Configurations that have dependencies on one another will be automatically selected or deselected when a related dependency is selected or deselected.

  1. Click the Create draft button. This will create a new draft of your policy that includes all the elements you selected in the previous step.
This action will discard any existing drafts that you had prior to starting the import.
  1. Publish your policy.  

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