Unable to download/open files or images or use buttons

When you have an ad blocker enabled or pop-ups disabled, you may find that clicking options in PassFort has no effect.

For example, you may find that:

  • Clicking the name of a document or image in Task notes does not open it.
  • Clicking an image used in an ID verification check does not open it.
  • Clicking the Export filtered data button on the Reports tab does not download the data.
To access the Reports tab and download reports, you must have the Reports permission.

To resolve the issue

To resolve the issue, allow pop-ups for PassFort’s site.

Disable an ad blocker

If you’re using an ad blocker (e.g. uBlock Origin), disable it for PassFort’s site, https://identity.passfort.com/

Disable a browser’s in-built pop-up blocker

If your browser has an in-built pop-up blocker, try enabling pop-ups.

Here are some articles that might help you enable pop-ups for your browser:

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