Check error

When a check is unable to run successfully, an error is returned.

This can happen for two reasons:

  1. The information required to run the check is not available or is not valid, so the check is unable to run. For example, the profile is missing a field required for the check or the profile’s region isn’t covered by the data provider.
  2. The data provider or PassFort is experiencing an issue which causes something to go wrong when the check is run.
A failed check is expected behaviour and is different from a check error. A check fails when the check is run successfully but the profile does not meet the pass requirements. For example, if a Visa check is performed and the individual does not have a valid work/study visa, the check fails.

To resolve the issue

  1. If the error message specifies that the check is unable to run because of missing or incorrect profile data, add/update the specified profile data.

    To add/update profile data, go to the profile’s Profile data section and click the edit button.
    If the error message does not specify data to add/update, go to the next step.
  2. Run the check again.
Checks can only be performed on incomplete tasks. If it's not possible to click the buttons, ensure the task is incomplete. You can mark a passed or failed task as incomplete by clicking the Task passed or Task failed status.
To find out the name/configuration of the original check that produced the error, look at the check history. The name/configuration is displayed to the left of the Error badge (e.g. Electronic identity check).

If you continue to see an error message after performing these steps, please contact us and we’ll investigate the issue.

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