Delete a profile

To use this feature, you must have Read and write access for the Data protection permission. If you don’t have access and you think you should, contact the administrator of your account.

Once a profile is permanently deleted, there is no way to recover it.

We recommend using this feature to meet GDPR requirements.

For profiles that you may need at a later date (e.g. for audit purposes), we recommend rejecting or cancelling the application instead. This hides the profile on the default view of the Profile tab. You can see the profile when you need to by applying the Rejected or Cancelled filter. Learn to reject or cancel a profile.

Permanently delete a profile

  1. Go to the profile you’d like to permanently delete.
  2. Click the Profile data section.
  3. Click Delete icon . A dialog is displayed to confirm your action.
If you can’t see the Delete icon, you don’t have Read and write access for the Data protection permission. Contact the administrator of your account to request access to the permission.
  1. Optionally, explain your decision for deleting the profile under Why are you deleting this profile?
Do not include any personal information in your explanation.
  1. Click Yes, permanently delete this profile. The profile is permanently deleted and a success message is displayed.
    The profile’s initials and, if provided, the explanation of the decision are stored in your Institution audit log. No other profile information is stored. Contact us for a copy of your Institution audit log.

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