Configuring Loqate Data Cleanse

Loqate Data Cleanse is a data provider that enables you to run the Geocoding check.

How it works

This is the default behaviour of a variant of the Geocoding check Loqate Data Cleanse as the data provider.

The check is performed by sending an address to the Loqate Data Cleanse API.

If no address is provided when the check is run, the profile's address is used. If the individual has multiple addresses, the most recent address is used. If no dates are provided, the last address that was submitted is selected.

The check passes when Loqate returns the latitude and longitude of the address.

The check fails if the latitude and longitude cannot be determined (e.g. the address is not valid).

Learn how to use the Geocoding check to help run the Geodistance check.

Configuration options

There are no additional configuration options for this check variant.

What we'll need

Let us know that you'd like to add a variant of the Geocoding check, and we'll set it up for you.

We'll also need your Loqate Data Cleanse API client key. For help getting this information, please speak to your Loqate account manager.

Testing your configuration

Once the check variant is configured, follow these steps in your demo environment to test whether it's working as expected.

  1. Does the check pass when Loqate Data Cleanse returns the latitude and longitude? To run the test, create any individual profile and run the check variant. If the check passes, it's working as expected.
  2. Does the check fail when Loqate Data Cleanse cannot determine the latitude and longitude? To run the test, create any individual profile and run the check variant using FAIL as the value for the county in the address. If the check fails, it's working as expected.

Required and optional profile fields

These are the profile details sent to Loqate Data Cleanse.



Addresses (address_history.address)


The individual's address.

Note that you can provide an address when you run the check. If you do, it will be used instead of the profile address.

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