Edit company associates on a verification list

When an associate is on the verification list, you can update their data by copying information from an imported associate or by editing the profile's Profile data section. If the associate is a shareholder, you can also edit their share percentage directly from the verification list.

The following fields are completed automatically and cannot be edited:
- Verification status: Indicates the status of the associate’s verification and approval. To learn more, see Approve/reject company associates.
- Roles: When the associate appears on multiple verification lists as part of this application, every role that the associate is being verified for is displayed here (e.g. Director and Beneficial Owner).
- Provider role: The associate’s role for the current verification list, as returned by the data provider. It may be more specific than what’s displayed for Roles.
- PassFort ID: A unique identifier used for the API.
To edit an authorized person’s relationship, add a new authorized person with the same name. When you add the new authorized person, the Create new authorized person dialog is displayed where you can enter the relationship you want to use into the Relationship field. When the Resolve possible duplicates dialog is displayed, select the original profile. To learn more, see Resolving possible duplicates.

Copy information from imported associates

When you’ve imported a list of associates from your data provider, you can copy the information from any imported associate to an associate already on the verification list.

This is an especially useful feature when your workflow starts with adding associates manually. You can add an associate, only providing their name and, if the associate is a company, country of incorporation. Then, you can import a list of associates from one or more data providers to get the full details of the associates and copy those details into your verification list.

To learn more about importing associates, see Import a list of associates.

To copy information from an imported associate to an associate on the verification list:

  1. Locate the associate on the Active tab of the verification list.

Note that you can't copy associate data to associates on the Removed tab.

  1. Click the Copy associate data drop-down. A list of every imported associate of the same type (individual or company) is displayed. Associates are grouped by the data provider used to import them.
This drop-down is only displayed when there is relevant data to be copied across from the check results.
  1. Select an associate on the list. The Copy associate data dialog is displayed.
    1. The name of every field that can be copied is displayed in the Field name column.
    2. The data of the associate in the verification list is displayed in the Existing data column.
    3. The data of the imported associate is displayed in the New data column.
If the imported associate does not have data for a particular field, that field is not displayed in the dialog.
  1. By default, all available data is copied from the imported associate. Deselect any data you don’t want to copy.
  2. Click Copy. The data of the associate on the verification list is updated to match the selected imported data.

Edit an associate’s profile data

Information about the associate is stored in the profile’s Profile data section.

Individuals can have the following verification list information:

  • First name(s)
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Nationality
  • Customer reference

Companies can have the following verification list information:

  • Country of incorporation
  • State of incorporation (United States and Canada only)
  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Incorporation date
  • Entity type
  • Shares
  • Liability
  • Tax codes
  • Customer reference

You can add or edit any of the information above by editing the profile data.

The following information is not stored in Profile data: Appointed date or Resignation date (used for officers and trustees); Share % or Share detail (used for shareholders). You can add this information to the associate by copying from an imported associate. See Copy information from imported associates.
Profile data can contain additional fields not displayed in the verification list (e.g. custom fields).

To add to or modify an associate's profile data:

  1. Click the associate’s name in the verification list. The associate’s profile is displayed.
  2. Select Profile data.
  3. Click the Edit icon and select the category of data you’d like to edit. A dialog is displayed with all the editable fields in the category.
  4. Update any field.
  5. Click Save. The change is reflected in the profile data and on the verification list.

Edit the share percentage of a shareholder

On the Shareholders verification list, click the Edit icon next to the shareholder you’d like to edit. The Update shareholding dialog is displayed.

Enter the new share percentage into the field provided, and click Update share.

If the share percentage is --, it means the the data provider was unable to provide the information. Learn when shareholders with no known percentage are added to the verification list automatically.

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