What's a PassFort demo environment?

A demo environment is a special account that users and developers can use to perform tests to see if tasks, checks, and (if configured) risk are working as expected.

This account is configured exactly the same way as your live account, but it does not run live checks. This means you can test checks without being charged.

To find out if you’re logged into a demo environment, look for the word Demo in the top bar.

If you're doing configuration via the API, we recommend using aliases rather than IDs for your API calls wherever possible. The IDs in your demo environment will be different in your live environment, so you'll need to update your code when you switch environments if you're using them for your API calls. Aliases are the same for both environments, so no changes are required.

To get the steps to test if your check configurations are working as expected, see the articles for configuring data providers.

Contact us for help logging into your demo environment or if you'd like to get a demo environment set up.

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